Kakuro rules

How to play Kakuro?

Objective: fill the Kakuro grid as fast as possible.

  • For each row and column of the grid, you are given a number.
  • The total of the digits in each cell in that row or column must then sum (add up) to that number.
  • Only digits from 1 to 9 can be used. You can't use the same digit several times in the same row or column

Here is an example of a Kauro grid once finished:

Example of a Kakuro grid

Here is how is a Kakuro gridat the beginning of the game:

Kakuro grid at start of the game

How to play Kakuro on Ludeales :

  • Select an empty cell, then a digit on the right.
  • Click on the delete button to delete a digit.
  • Be quick!
  • If you're stuck, use the magic wand.

The pen

Tool: Pen

Using the pen, you can note several digits in the same cell. When the pen is activated, digits become blue. You can delete the digit by clicking again on the corresponding digit. If you enter an actual digit (without the pen) in a cell where you previously had little digits, and if you delete the main digit, the little ones will reappear!

Magic wand

Tool: Magic wand

Use Magic wand to dicover the digit in one or several cells. Once discovered, it can't be modified anymore.

Mode: magic wand

Everey digit discovered with the magic wand will be worth a 100 points malus. However, if you finish the Kakuro grid without using the magic wand, you'll get a 200 points bonus.